Wendy Snyder BIO

I am a working wife and mother of a teenager. I have a BA degree in Journalism and a master’s degree in Business Administration. Previously, I was a Risk Manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I worked there for 23 years in various jobs. After that, I worked at Caltech on a temporary grant. After Caltech, the time off allowed me to explore something I’ve always wanted to do: write a book. Now that a new door opened and I’ve found my voice, I finished a few books and have many more to come.


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Here’s a few I have in the que:

  • From Fear to Fierce“: Think Wild by Cheryl Strayed meets Tim Cahill or Bill Bryson, only female and with a bit of dark humor.

After 8 months of preparations, four women propel themselves into a 10-day backpacking adventure in the high sierras. They began in fear, fear of getting lost, fear of getting hurt in the backwoods, fear of being left alone, fear of running into bad hombres, and fear of bears. They hiked through all of that one-step at time; 83 miles, and one 12,695-foot peak later, they emerged cured of those fears.

This book is done. Now I need an agent. Genre: Memoir.

  • “The Secrets Death Reveals”: A dark humor travel story with lots of chaos, shocking 40-year-old family secret revelations, and a potential murder mystery.

Jenny is a middle-aged working wife and mother of a 6-year-old girl. Her day suddenly changes when she learns that her vagabond biological father, who abandoned her twice, suddenly and mysteriously died. Found 300 miles away, floating in a harbor.

Her venture begins when she and her mom embark on this unexpected adventure to claim his body, secure his boat and vehicles, where they reside somewhere along the 12 miles of San Diego Harbor coastline. Their only clue: old GPS coordinates at the end of his last email 4 years ago.

Just like life, things don’t go as planned and perseverance prevails. Quirky problems, lots of laughs, and a possible homicidal crazy murderer greet their adventures. Where anything that can go wrong, does go wrong, and hilarity ensues.

This book is done. Now I need an agent. Genre: Memoir and Comedy Travel Story.

  • The KinZee Journal”-Sci-Fi, in progress.

“Driving up the coast, with the top down and jazz playing,
the sun rising along with a mile wide smile that’s wiped off my face when a U friggin F Oh flys over and lands in front of me.
“Shit, they found me.”

A trans-dimensional being and her companions kidnap Zee, an unassuming women, to help them with their little mission. They aim to save humans, animals, and all life on Earth before the humans destroy it.”

  • Fright Night Derailed“-Sci-Fi in progress.

A married couple go on a date to their local amusement park Fright Night. They find themselves thrust into a real Dean Koontz story where portals open and close to a real Fright Night.

They just want to survive the real monsters and get home.

  • Spacecraft 101-The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”-In progress.

This book integrates the village needed to build and launch a spacecraft, from a layman’s point of view interspersed with the personal stories from 23 years of working with those characters. This book is in progress, and I still need an agent. Genre: Memoir and How To book.

I’ve written a few children’s books with more on the way.

  • Kisses,” an innocent silly fun book. This book is done. Now I need an agent.
  • I’m working on the 3rd book in a series (Nikki Series) to fill the lost niche between boring board books and repetitive chapter books.  Something that parents can read in one or two nights.  This surrounds Nikki and her explorations of her long lost quirky Great Aunt’s magical house.  Where magic comes alive, or does it? Two books are done, one is nearly done, and I need an agent.
  • Also, my daughter and I wrote, “Moon Phase Faces,” a short board book that teaches young ones about the phases of the moon. It’s been written and I’m looking for an agent.

I have 29 children’s books published for English as a second language (ESL) kids.

My poems are published in an anthology with other authors in “From One Line Vol. I“, “From One Line Vol. II“, “From One Line Vol. III“, “From One Line- If I Were a House“, and “From One Line Vol. IV” is in progress.