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Ditch the Curtains and Blinds for A Fresh Green WindowThe time had come to retire tired curtains and messed up blinds. Once we tore …2023/10/09Family, Outdoors, Reviews2023-10-09 23:54:34
Hammocks, solar tiki lights, and a small pond transform this drab backyard into a glamping oasisBackyard Glamping Makes an Unforgettable Slumber PartyAKA how to entertain your kids, teens, and yourself for the summer. It’s all about turning …2023/10/09Children, Family, Outdoors, Reviews2023-10-09 18:28:37
Photo of two red pregnant Opae Ula shrimp.The Ultimate Easiest Pet: Discover the Effortless Joy of Red Hawaiian Opae Ula ShrimpThese low-maintenance red Hawaiian shrimp live in their own self-sustaining ecosystem Watching them, calms me …2023/10/04Family, Pets, Reviews2023-10-04 22:57:24
Affordable Comfortable Plus Size Fleece Lined PantsNeed Warmer Pants? I found some that fit the bill. I needed warmer pants, but …2023/10/04Family, Outdoors, Reviews2023-10-04 21:02:24
text says click to hear my name.The Name Drop Mic DropTECHNOLOGY WOW Click to hear my name, why didn’t I think of that? It’s not …2023/08/05Lessons Learned, Musings, Reviews2023-08-05 17:26:42
Ring Doorbell hooked up to a Solar Panel on the roof.Easy Hack on How to Stop Charging Your Ring DoorbellIf you’re like my family and you have a Ring doorbell, then you’re probably sick …2023/08/05Family, Lessons Learned, Musings, Reviews2023-08-05 16:50:04
My husband is adding a waterfall to our pond to add sound ambiance and oxygen for the fish.Cool Hot New Amazon Prime Day Gadgets and GoodiesPRIME DAY Here’s a list of some of my favorite items I found on Amazon. …2023/08/04Children, Family, Outdoors, Pets, Reviews2023-08-04 23:09:24
Photo of colorful dart board hanging on the side of ladder with girl in foreground holding two sticks with the magnet triangle on them in a cross position.The Top Best Most Fun Family Game — KOOBA Dooby DooKOOBA —It’s got action, skill — but not too much, magnets, flinging — it’s darts …2023/08/04Children, Family, Outdoors, Reviews2023-08-04 21:54:36
How to Title or Not to Title a BookOne day I snuck away to a friend’s beach house to finish writing my book. …2021/05/11Books, Lessons Learned, Musings2021-05-11 22:20:44
Blog 29 How Many of You Have Typed “Love,” at the End of an E-mail? Accidently!Dooh! I’ve done it more than a few times. Confessions from a writer. I’ve done this, …2021/04/20Family, Have You Ever, Lessons Learned, Musings2021-04-20 23:42:10
I Accidently Invented Soap RiceBlog 27 I Accidentally Invented Soap Rice When Recycling Easter Eggs Goes Wrong Every so …2021/04/19Children, Cooking, Family, Have You Ever, Lessons Learned, Musings, Pets, Reviews2021-04-19 08:43:35
Try a New Flavor TodayTry Taro Root Powder Mix and Boba I tried Taro Boba drinks before and they all …2021/04/03Children, Cooking, Family, Have You Ever, Musings, Reviews2021-04-03 03:16:40
Blog 25 Life Lessons from a DogAs I sit in my chair, waking up, the fog working to lift through caffeinated …2021/03/24Children, Family, Lessons Learned, Musings, Pets2021-03-24 17:01:43
Blog 23 The Cat-Dog Part 2I put up a baby gate to keep the dog out of the office. We …2021/03/18Children, Family, Lessons Learned, Musings, Pets, Reviews2021-03-18 07:30:59
Blog 23 Divining SticksBlog 22 The Best Way to Find the Clean OutBlog 22: Our plumbing backed up Sunday evening. It chose the weekend and at double …2021/03/09Family, Have You Ever, Lessons Learned, Musings, Reviews2021-03-09 03:12:54
Blog 21 From Fear to Fierce: ExcerptOne beautiful spring morning, after our 3 – 4-hour grueling trek to the top, we …2021/01/13Books, Lessons Learned, Musings, Outdoors2021-01-13 20:47:25
Pandemic Pets: Is anyone else obsessed with taking pictures of napping pets?Many of us may or may not be new to having pets at home, but …2021/01/12Family, Have You Ever, Musings, Pets2021-01-12 17:45:46
Our Dog is a Cat-DogShe obeys if you have food in hand, otherwise she won’t give you the time …2021/01/11Family, Have You Ever, Musings, Pets2021-01-11 22:39:37
The Storage Unit Part 4Continued from The Storage Unite Part 3 The next day we ate and hit the …2021/01/09Books, Family, Lessons Learned, Musings2021-01-09 23:12:52
The Storage Unit Part 3Continued from The Storage Unit Part 2 “What’s inside?” We take turns looking inside, weighing …2021/01/08Books, Family, Lessons Learned, Musings2021-01-08 00:17:12
The Storage Unit Part 2Continued from The Storage Unit Part 1   “You’re kidding?” from my husband. “What?” My …2021/01/07Books, Family, Lessons Learned, Musings2021-01-07 20:46:55
The Storage Unit Part 1What if you found out your Father died and you were the only one around …2021/01/07Books, Family, Have You Ever, Lessons Learned, Musings2021-01-07 02:45:53
Clowns Strike Again Part 2Clowns Strike Again Part 2I walked into the kitchen this morning to this: That’s not a 3 inch diameter …2021/01/06Children, Cooking, Family, Have You Ever, Musings2021-01-06 05:28:34
Hello 20211/1/2021 First thing this morning, I woke up and rolled over. The insides of my …2021/01/01Musings2021-01-01 23:13:53
The Upside of Being Out of WorkI submit the outdoor office: I found myself out of a job so I wrote …2020/12/23Have You Ever, Musings, Outdoors, Reviews2020-12-23 23:55:36
Dense sourdough breadCovid Cooking – The Sourdough CrazeSourdough bread went through a hot phase during the Covid-19 virus worldwide quarantine lockdown and …2020/12/22Cooking, Family, Lessons Learned2020-12-22 22:00:24
DirectionsIs Reading Directions Really That Important?I submit: “It depends”. Warning labels, no matter how silly, supposedly protect us from ourselves …2020/12/08Children, Family, Have You Ever, Lessons Learned, Musings, Reviews2020-12-08 04:54:12
Is It Dead? Hamster StyleI Submit the Next “Is It Dead?” (It Isn’t)Animals, they crack me up and constantly entertain me. Of course, I’m easily entertained, so …2020/12/07Children, Family, Pets2020-12-07 07:00:27
Do You Live with Clowns Who Do Things Like This?When I say clowns, I mean monsters. Naughty bad no good monsters. Have you ever …2020/12/02Children, Family, Have You Ever, Lessons Learned2020-12-02 02:09:10
ChilidogHow I Bought a Domain Name and Who’s Hosting Me  I used Chilidog Hosting to host my website and buy my domain name. It took …2020/11/27Lessons Learned, Reviews2020-11-27 02:10:36
No FearHow I Created a Website in One DayDon’t do what I did. Don’ t let fear stop you. Procrastination is a destination …2020/11/21Lessons Learned, Reviews2020-11-21 23:05:23
Lia tonguePet Picture Obsession. I Submit the “Is It Dead?” Series.Now that you’re quarantined or working at home, do you find yourself taking pictures of …2020/11/20Musings, Pets2020-11-20 21:02:09
Lia beach nmMy Daughter Made a Pill Bug Her First PetDon’t worry, there’s a happy ending. The Pet Dilemma For reasons outside of my control, …2020/11/19Children, Family, Pets2020-11-19 18:56:30
GrandmaEulogy’s Aren’t’ Fun But This One Was Widely AdmiredThere is a generation, one that is quickly disappearing, that witnessed more changes than any …2020/11/18Musings, Reviews2020-11-18 20:01:57
Exploding Soles BootsAn Ode to Exploding SolesFunny note about duct tape: one time a pair of hiking boots exploded while I …2020/11/18Books, Lessons Learned, Musings, Outdoors, Reviews2020-11-18 00:40:37
Design Your Website Like a ProBlog 1 Have you ever…Started a new project and couldn’t stop? It’s 1:13 am and I usually go to …2020/11/16Have You Ever2020-11-16 09:19:33