Cool Hot New Amazon Prime Day Gadgets and Goodies


Here’s a list of some of my favorite items I found on Amazon.


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For Travelers

I just found a cool multi charging 4 in 1 cable that includes an iWatch charger! I’m always forgetting a watch charger when I travel. I bought one to put in my travel bag.

Solar gadgets you should own

The AISITIN Solar Bird Bath Fountain looks like a quick, easy way to get an inexpensive bird bath without having to wire up. My husband is adding a waterfall to our pond to add sound ambiance and oxygen for the fish. The solar bird fountain is an easy alternative to install into your tub of water.

My husband is adding a waterfall to our pond to add sound ambiance and oxygen for the fish.
My husband is adding a waterfall to our pond to add sound ambiance and oxygen for the fish. Photo by Wendy Snyder.

Solar Tiki Lights with flickering flames make backyard magic. This one comes in yellow, purple, and blue. I wrote about them here:

Holy Flickering Solar Tiki Lights

Fake flickering fire has come a long way in the last few years

Solar tiki backyard oasis.
Solar tiki backyard oasis. Photo by
Wendy Snyder

My family lives on solar cell phone chargers. We use them on day outings, amusement parks, airports, emergency rooms, urgent car waiting rooms, weekend outings, and other times when we may be away from a wall or car charger. There are single user versions or multiple device (family) everyone-plug-in-now chargers. Newer versions have a multitude of built in cables that come in handy.

This type is my favorite — GOODaaa Power Bank Wireless Charger 36000mAH — a solar power wireless charger with 4 built in cables, dual flashlights, 6 outputs, and 3 inputs. It’s a workhorse beast.

I thought my solar chargers were cool, but then I forgot to bring one to urgent care, and when my 2 hour visit turned into a 12 hour ordeal, my mom had to run out to the car to grab her portable charger.

She came back with a brick and slapped it on my lap. The Halo Bolt Compact Car Jump Starter comes with 2 USB ports and can charge not only your friggin car, but also the 2 phones you ran down to 10% in the waiting room. This one is ~$45 bucks!

Fridge/Cupboard Organization

Found this Portable Soda Can Organizer and dispenser.

The save your marriage TP holder
The pivot toilet paper roll holder.
Behold! The pivot toilet paper roll holder. Photos by Wendy Snyder.

I can’t recommend this Pivot Toilet Paper Roll Holder enough. It will give you peace of mind with how easy it makes replacing the TP roll.

Best Clean Fun Kid/Tween/Teen/Family Entertainment

I present the Kooba game. It’s fun, adaptable, and good for all ages.

The Top Best Most Fun Family Game — KOOBA Dooby Doo
KOOBA in action with magnetic triangle flying through the air. Ladder used as a board holder.
KOOBA in action with magnetic triangle flying through the air. Ladder used as a board holder. Photo by Author.

KOOBA — It’s got action, skill — but not too much, magnets, flinging — it’s darts meets board game, only less dangerous…

Keep those hands busy

Busy hands will love this KAMJUNTAR Glitter and Laser Reflective String, 15 rolls lanyard kit. My teen took it to camp, our weekend outings, dinner, and the mountains. There’s enough to share with family and friends.

Best Dog Toy

I wrote about The Best Dog Toy Ever. The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Interactive Dog Toy, Fun Giggle Sounds When Rolled or Shaken is as fun and ridiculous as it sounds. Our cat-dog goes berserk playing with it.

The cat dog’s new favorite toy in action. Video by author. Wendy Snyder.

Pic of dog with a ball toy.
The cat dog’s new favorite toy. Photo by author. Wendy Snyder.
Sofa/Couch Arm Tables

I must have been hiding under rocks to miss this new trend — The Couch Arm Table! It’s a super mini table that goes on the arm of your couch. Perfect for those of us with small spaces or minimalists.

There are two basic types- the flexible type that fit most couch arms or can lay flat on an ottoman or cushion. I like the real acacia wood Greystone Avenue Couch Arm Table version. It looks beautiful and useful! Here’s a less expensive bamboo version Semounva Bamboo Sofa Armrest Tray.

The other type is an actual tray that sits on the arm and drapes over the edges. I like this acacia wood Tinamo Acacia Wood Sofa Armrest Tray. Make sure it fits your type of chair or sofa.

Small Side/End Tables

This time, I was hiding in a cave, when I missed the explosion of wood/metal side/end tables. Think rustic meets industrial. They come in every configuration you can think of. With shelves, drawers, charging stations, adjustable height/width, with or without wheels, super narrow to extra long, they have something to fix your odd space.

I like the ALLOSWELL Narrow End Table with Charging Station with sliding table top to charge my phone, ipad, computer, watch, headphones, headlight, flashlight, portable fan, portable speaker, sleep ring, and my Alexa. Okay, I can see that I’m gadget out of control. I accept that. But this table can hold it and hide it, which I like. A lot.

I also like the Amhancible Narrow Side Table with Charging Station for extra small spaces.

Call me weird, but these super narrow end tables would make easy to move tables next to our recliners. The QEEIG C Shaped End Table Set of 2 Slim Couch Side Tables have a crazy name. But, they’re so simple, you could easily move them around the house as needed. I like this two pack for ~$40.

Hammocks — Everyone Needs One

Do yourself a favor, reward yourself with a hammock. You can get one as low as $11 on up to $1,200 for the family tree tent hammock. I wrote about our experience with hammocks here:

Backyard Glamping Makes an Unforgettable Slumber Party

AKA how to entertain your kids, teens, and yourself for the summer

Hammocks, solar tiki lights, and a small pond transform this drab backyard into a glamping oasis
Hammocks, solar tiki lights, and a small pond transform this drab backyard into a glamping oasis! Photo by Wendy Snyder.
For Doctor Who Fans

My teen loves loves loves this fidget spinner Doctor Who Wibbly Wobbly Wimey Spiner. Your Doctor Who fan will to. Just make sure to get the right size.

For Doctor Strange Fans

Same teen loves her Doctor Strange Sling Ring.

I’ll add more items as I find them.

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