Try a New Flavor Today

Try Taro Root Powder Mix and Boba

Taro Root Mix

I tried Taro Boba drinks before and they all tasted like buttered popcorn and I’m not a fan. I heard a few people rave about the flavor so I decided to give it one more chance to woo me because the same recipe can taste different (quality of ingredients, chef,…).

I bought the Taro mix from (not affiliated, just loved it) and it tastes awesome. I blenderized the Taro mix, almond milk, a splash of evaporated milk, and ice. A few seconds later I beheld a masterpiece. It could be described as a little nutty, but it’s more than that. Savory, sweet, and unique, I’m buying more. I only wish it came in sugar free.

For an added bonus, throw in some home cooked Boba.

We’ve been taste testing homecooked Boba for a while. Boba drinks fill you up and they’ve become a quick breakfast or lunch on the go alternative for us. That came about by accident, we just didn’t get hungry for hours after having a serving.

Sweeten to taste.

One bonus to making Boba teas or drinks at home is that you can control the fat and sugar content. We use Trader Joes Stevia or Wholesome Allulose for zero calorie sweeteners and Unsweetened Almond Milk to add flavor to the teas we brew at home. The Trader Joes Stevia does not have the licorice taste that some stevia products do. If you’re lactose intolerant make sure to use the version of Trader Joe’s Organic Stevia Extract Calorie free 1oz (pure stevia, no milk). One of their other stevia products has milk in it but it tastes the same; it made me sick because I’m lactose intolerant.

Experiment with home cooked Boba.

Boba Tapioca

We loved the Boba on (not affiliated). It tastes slightly sweet slightly caramel-y and smooth chewy. Just note that it takes longer to cook (25 minutes boil + 30 minutes soak).

We also like the WuFuYuan Boba Black Tapioca Pearls. They cook in 5 minutes and taste like any Boba you’ll find in a restaurant. Plus, it comes with wide straws if you don’t have any.

If you’ve become addicted like my household, you might want to try the FAE Black Bubble Tea Boba Tapioca Pearl comes in 2 hefty packs.

Feeling decadent or celebrating a special occasion?

Then I recommend adding Sweetened Condensed Milk. We found out it comes in a convenient squeeze bottle Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk Squeeze Bottle that is easy to use with easy clean up (at a slightly higher cost). These will add more calories so use with caution or on special occasions, like today.

Try a new flavor today! Fear not new flavors.

My 95-year-old mother-in-law hasn’t tasted most of the food my husband and I eat. The thought of not discovering new flavors, makes me blanch a bland blue shade of regret for her.

Do something fun and taste a new flavor today; even if you have to spit it out. At least you’ll have something to discuss about your day.

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