Blog 23 The Cat-Dog Part 2

Photo Story
Pic 1: Big Dog, Little Cat Door. Pic 2: Is That a Little Door For Me? Pic 3: The Cat Stretch.

I put up a baby gate to keep the dog out of the office. We wanted one dog-hair free zone. Just one.

I bought the gate used at a consignment kids sale (I love those and recommend selling and buying kids supplies at one). I reviewed some gates in my blog The Best Baby Gates and Playpens. How to Pick a Good Baby or Pet Gate.

The gate came with a cat door in it. I thought it would be nice to open it and let the dog stick her head in the office if she wanted to nose around. So, I opened it and left to do my chores.

An hour later, my daughter tells me, “Lia can get through the cat door on the gate.”

“What? How is that possible?”

I previously wrote about Lia, the cat-dog on my blog “Our Dog is a Cat-Dog.”

Note the size of Lia versus the size of the cat door. It’s physically impossible for her skeleton to squeeze through that.

Take note, she has hip dysplasia and is limping with a bum knee. After x-rays, the vet recommended we visit an orthopedic surgeon. Anywho, she’s not a jumper and did not jump over the gate.

The gate was locked and did not magically swing open. Nor did anyone else enter the room. That leaves trespassing through the cat gate. My daughter said Lia snuck in twice and while she never witnessed the transgression, the dog magically appeared in the office and the gate was still closed, but the cat door was open. And no one else had come or gone during that time.

Therefore, in light of the large magically squeezing through little cat door dog, plus the dog cat-stretch, I again submit, our dog is a cat-dog.

Do you have one too? Or maybe a dog-cat?           

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