Our Dog is a Cat-Dog

Hey, What’cha doing?, smells good, what’cha reading?, tastes good, I’m done with you.

She obeys if you have food in hand, otherwise she won’t give you the time of day. That could be counted as typical for many dogs.

However, she acts like she wants to sit on your lap, then when you invite her, she says “Nah” and backs away.

If you try reverse psychology her by giving her a tiny bit of attention and then ignore her, then you have better odds of her climbing up and sitting on your lap.

She’s extra friendly when she wants something, sort of a what can you do for me attitude instead of hey I love you all the time no matter what best friend.

That being said, she is protective of us. She barks appropriately and amazingly not too much.

If you’re deep in thought sitting in your recliner with feet up, typing on your laptop and minding your own business, she will climb over your legs, and then she will start pawing your computer. She will paw it, paw it, paw it. Her clawed toes will pull the screen backward towards her. Then you will hear the open flap flap flap sound of her mouth opening and closing enough to make a mouth suction sound similar to popping off at the mouth. This is her talking to you similar to how cats open320



She just did it again. The above typed non-sense was typed by her own insistent paws. Claws slapped over my keyboard, my screen, and my hand as I screamed, “Ah, see what I mean? She’s doing it right now.” The back of my hand takes a few clawed hits as I try to stop her mauling my computer.

It looks like the above photo story (because it is the photo story).

As I was saying…This is her talking to you, similar to how cats chatter talk. Open and close their mouths fast with weird machine gun paced mew bursts. See…cat-dog.

Now she’s harassing my husband (he likes his privacy so I fuzzed him out):

Lia harassing my husband
Harassing my husband

Now don’t think we don’t try to smother her with scratches behind the ears, belly rubs, and noontime hugs because we do. All the time. Only to get rebuffed, until she wants scratches behind the ears, belly rubs, and noontime hugs, which is usually while we’re deep into something. Anything non-doggie. See? Cat-dog.

I called her up to sit on my lap and it was no can do. So I called “Here kitty, kitty, kitty” in a high attractive voice. She turned around, came back, and climb right up. Like a cat-dog.


Lia sleeps like a cat
Sleeps like a cat

Cats like to curl up in little round beds. Right? I submit:







Cats like to sleep above heads, right? I submit:

Cat-dog sleeping above head.






Lastly, do dog’s act like this at the vet?

Dogs don't take cat-naps at the vet.
Dogs don’t take cat-naps at the vet.

No. They don’t.


For the examples above and numerous others untold, I submit this is no dog. No, this is the cat-dog.

Have you ever experienced a cat-dog?


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