Clowns Strike Again Part 2

I walked into the kitchen this morning to this:Clowns Strike Again Part 2 That’s not a 3 inch diameter cake plate you’re looking at.

So apparently the clowns are back in town. I hope no one wanted a slice of birthday cake today.

Notice how neatly the piece has been whittled down to. Notice also, the lack of crumbs, the lack of smeared frosting, and the crisp lines of the square cut. They were generous enough to leave a frosting side, so there’s that. This is the work of precision. Obviously it’s tasty as noted by the lack of said smeared frosting and crumbs. But why? Why leave it?

Why? What is the reasoning behind leaving a single bite of birthday cake in the birthday cake container? Is there magical thinking that it would grow overnight if left out? Am I supposed to be proud of someone who had the willpower to leave a piece (bite) of cake for others to enjoy? Or was it more along the lines of, I didn’t eat the whole cake, see specimen left behind? Is it supposed to be a thoughtful diet slice? Along the lines of Hey, I’m saving you calories but leaving you a taste? Maybe it’s to torture the next cake purveyor, hey sucka-I got here first?

What I do know is that it’s not a half-time challenge. For one, no one called half-time and two you’re supposed to eat half of what is left and then the next person eats half of what is left and I know there was half a cake there before I went to bed. You repeat taking half bites to see who is the most generous nurturer to not eat the last bite. The person who does not eat the last bite wins. You always start with a larger piece in a half-time challenge. So that’s not what this shenanigan’s is.

If you missed the clown visit part 1, you can find it here: Do You Live with Clowns Like I Do?

I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on things. Maybe install a camera or two? Or leave my own oral torture contraption…

Do you have clowns in your house? If so, how do you handle them?

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