How I Created a Website in One Day

No FearDon’t do what I did.

Don’ t let fear stop you.

Procrastination is a destination best omitted from your itinerary. It has only served me well once*. DesignYourWebsiteLikeAPro Com helped me create a website and go live within 24 hours. That was after I stopped putting it off for a whopping ten months. What was I afraid of?

Mari organized her videos into short easy to digest steps. You can watch them at your convenience. I watched a few, but then a shiny object dropped into my life (covid-19). Despite quarantine being the perfect time to try something new (like make a website), I didn’t. Fear and life got in my way.

For the record, before taking her course BUILD AND DESIGN A WEBSITE THAT ATTRACTS & CONVERTS, I knew squat about making a website. It took me 24 hours to watch her videos, create my site, and Go Live! It was so easy with her help. I had zero experience doing it. Note: I could have created my site quicker, but I got sidetracked by another shiny object and kept messing with the templates. If you follow her videos, you can set it up much quicker.

Design Your Website Like a Pro
They got me started! It was so easy.

Mari patiently answered my questions and set up a timely zoom meeting to work out my self-induced website quirks. If you follow her videos, you won’t have any problems. She made it easy for me to design and go live with my website. Mari’s course takes the fear out of making a website. If I can do it, you can do it.


*P.S. I procrastinated lowering my car insurance to save money and then got in a car accident and for once was glad I procrastinated. Listen to your intuition.


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