Pet Picture Obsession. I Submit the “Is It Dead?” Series.

Lia iid 1
Lia found on couch. Is It Dead?

Now that you’re quarantined or working at home, do you find yourself taking pictures of your pets all day long?

They’re silly, weird, awkward, and entertaining. I have a series I like to call “Is It Dead?” (It isn’t)

I offer past submissions. Which one is your favorite? Tell me what you think and please share your own. I’m new to this, so I’m not sure if you can share pictures. Let me know.

Also, these photos were not captured by a high tech fast shutter speed camera, digital or otherwise. They were taken of a static object (dog).

Lia tongue
Lia tongue out. Is It Dead?
Lia iid 2
Lia rigor mortis? Is It Dead?
Lia BathTub
Lia found in bathtub. Is It Dead?
Lia up agianst the wall
Lia up against the wall. Is It Dead?

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